Are we doing enough

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45 Responses to Are we doing enough

  1. reekb says:

    I don’t think we are doing enough. We need to try to do more. Let’s make sure we recycle all our paper.

  2. beccs says:

    We can help the animals to have a good life.

  3. bealk says:

    The world is a very big place but sadly people are not helping us to save the planet. Make sure you do not use your car too much and if you do not idle.

  4. blakv says:

    I don’t think we are doing a enough.

  5. campj says:

    We need to keep plastic out of the sea. Also don’t cut down trees

  6. linej says:

    We need to stop polluting the ocean with plastic. Please use paper bags

  7. eroc says:

    Stop using cars and don’t idle

  8. darwa says:

    Are we doing enough? Stop using plastic use paper!

  9. mas1 says:

    I don’t think we are doing enough because people are pulling down trees. Now other creatures don’t have homes to live.

  10. gentr says:

    No. People are killing animals and are smoking so it makes animals die.

  11. patem says:

    We could tell people to help and tell the school. We are not helping.

  12. marrm says:

    There is a fire in Australia but it is getting better so I think it would be better to help.

  13. campr says:

    No-one is helping the world and looking after it so we need to make sure we do and we should tell others to help too.

  14. harda says:

    There is plastic in the ocean and we need to stop it is hurting the animals.How can we stop?

  15. hayen says:

    We need to save the fish too. They are getting plastic in their gills.

  16. haema says:

    We are not doing enough. Make sure you don’t idle.

  17. contl says:

    We need to stop using plastic by making schools plastic free .For example we could not use small plastic games that nobody wants in school discos.

  18. klasj says:

    I don’t think we doing because we are hurting the animals .

  19. dasig says:

    we need to stop put plastic paper

  20. cheam says:

    We are not saving the sky because if we idle lots of smoke will go in the sky. Idle means if you do not turn off the car smoke comes out .

  21. sonnm says:

    I think we are not doing enough to save the world so lets not put plastic.

  22. muoli says:

    To stop using plastic and putting it in the ocean.

  23. harde says:

    I think we aren’t doing enough we need to help by not using so much plastic. Can you help?

  24. phils says:

    I think we are not helping enough because haven’t you heard that the rain forest is having all it’s trees cut down for palm oil. How can we help?

  25. carvf says:

    We need to do more things to save our amazing planet, trees and our animals.

  26. rzegk says:

    We are not certain about the world because people are using plastic.

  27. raol says:

    No, some people don’t help the world but fish and other creatures in the sea or on sand can get hurt from plastic,trash that are sharp some people do it on purpose but other people who don’t drop the plastic and trash pick it up and put the trash in a bin which makes the earth healthy.

  28. muole says:

    Some people don’t help the environment and now the fish and turtle are getting stuck in plastic and it makes it harder to breath some are even dying

  29. darwa says:

    I DONT KNOW!!!

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