How can we protect our identity online?

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18 Responses to How can we protect our identity online?

  1. bagaa says:

    We can try to keep it private and not tell anyone or they might spread your identity

  2. phamc says:

    By not sharing private things.

  3. dittl says:

    we can keep it a secret and not tell anyone !

  4. anyah says:

    We can be very careful about the websites we go on and the information we share with strangers.

  5. zhans says:

    We can protect our identity by not sharing personal information such as your date of birth and your name.

  6. nouaj says:

    We can protect are identity by changing our name on a game so that nobody knows are real name.

  7. monta says:

    By being safe online and never using your name in usernames.

  8. cholm1 says:

    we can protect our identity by having a protective username, not sharing any private or persanal photos online and only chatting with people we know.

  9. tayla says:

    We can just not share anything private to anyone but friends who we KNOW and family.

  10. tamns says:

    By keeping our information to ourselves.

  11. rande says:

    We have a lot of ways to protect our identity. You can share your identity if you want, but sometimes it can be risky. You can protect your identity by not sharing private things, like secrets. You shouldn’t share anything secret to the public. I think that sharing things that are not so private is good, because (for example), if you’re famous one day, everyone can see your social media. Sharing non-secret thing is also good because you can even make (online) friends. You can always come back to these thing to, and get memories. If you don’t want to share things to the public, there’s always a setting online to be private, so you can choose who can see things.

  12. seget says:

    Just don’t be foolish and frivolous on the internet

  13. π¶6oTpe® says:

    i think to protect our identity we must not tell others we must not let others now when our birthday is or what we look like this is VERY IMPORTANT
    Nina 🙂

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